what sorcery is this?…

turning any object into software with Sundial’s drop-in VisionAI makes creating next-gen Augmented Reality experiences simple


that every object is smart, already containing valuable data locked both inside and out but VisionAI has always been SO HARD, taking upwards of 6 months of expensive discovery and drudgery to teach an app just one new object! Who’s got time for that?

No Contracts

We want to support you when you need it most, that’s why we don’t need long term contracts in order to do business with you. Pay for what you use is fine by us – you’re working on the hottest new thing, we know how it goes…

Metered API Fees

Sundial grows with you, allowing you to experiment to your hearts content and create the next big thing without breaking the bank.


Sundial’s revolutionary VisionAI platform  makes it easy to build Web3 apps that turn real-world objects into software

Dedicated Support

Support credits can be added in as needed. How you tailor your plan is entirely up to you!

so how does this work, exactly?

aka “how to bring your VisionAI project in on time and be a hero”…

When connected to the internet, Sundial embedded objects can monitor and react to real-world data and events in the physical world. The current time, last sunrise/sunset, inventory status, foot traffic, social trends, pricing–these are all examples of things that can be collected into a mobile app and displayed in context.


select or upload a 3D model of the physical object

run the proprietary Sundial synthetic data generation algorithm and train the VisionAI model

the Sundial SDL generates code for easy integration with your app


OK, so how much?

optional extras

if you need more than the basics, then feel free to add other features to your monthly plan:

additional users

operational analytics access

data alerts

private object store

support credits

 On the fence?

If you have questions and would like to chat about how to leverage the power of Sundial’s VisionAI for your next project, then let us know. We’d love to help!